Hoping for Clarification

I think more of us ought to write to the UU Ministers Association, as Jim Aikin did. — MHP

Jim Aikin's Oblong Blob

As I noted last month, the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) has issued an official letter of censure against Reverend Todd Eklof. My earlier post contains the entire text of the letter, together with my comments on it.

I’m hoping to give a lay sermon at my local UU church on the subject of Eklof’s book and the problematical responses to it. I feel it’s a topic that should concern any member of the congregation, and most of them are not currently aware of what’s going on.

Not wanting to be unfair in my presentation, I emailed the UUMA board of trustees, who voted to issue the letter of censure, and asked them a few specific questions, both about the nature of their objections to Eklof’s book The Gadfly Papers and about the process by which they decided to issue the letter.

Two weeks have now passed. I have not…

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