Valenti And Coates Prove The Atlantic’s Hypocrisy On Kevin Williamson; Federalist

“Of no party or clique” was The Atlantic’s founding motto. But this now clearly a lie.  Williamson is not welcome there, while it publishes not only [Ta-Nehisi] Coates, but also writer (and Williamson scalp-hunter) Jessica Valenti, who argues there should be no legal limits on abortion. — Warren Henry in the Federalist

The fury over Kevin Williamson’s hiring was due to his focus on abortion as the mass taking of human lives. His time at the Atlantic was brief, but he was not the only writer there who condones violence. Read Henry’s article here:: Valenti And Coates Prove The Atlantic’s Hypocrisy On Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson


  1. Incidentally, Kevin Williamson doesn’t actually condone violence. He is against the death penalty (or is, at best, “squishy” on it). His remark about hanging women who have had abortions was a characteristically provocative call for a realism on the issue (on both sides).


  2. Oh and by the way, Kevin Williamson was born, just barely pre-Roe, to an unwed mother pre-Roe. Rather than be aborted, he was born and adopted. So the issue is personal for him.


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