Opinion | America’s New Religion: Fox Evangelicalism; New York Times

Journalists and scholars have spent decades examining the influence of conservative religion on American politics, but we largely missed the impact conservative politics was having on religion itself. — Amy Sullivan

We religious liberals are not lacking in articles opposing Fox News, but we do need help seeing evangelicals as brothers and sisters under God…or, to put that another way, as individuals with inherent worth and dignity. Many would be our religious allies if we knew how to reach them.

This article can help us all understand that.


  1. I was asked on Facebook if I was being sarcastic about this, which was labeled “just another example of elitist media bias. My reply: “Not at all sarcastic. We religious liberals are not the only people who have seen their religion politicized. It is happening on the religious right, too, and we could find allies among individual evangelicals.”


  2. Your link is not to an “article” but to an opinion editorial. I do not think you are going to learn much about conservative Evangelicals from a hostile opinion piece whose signature line is coining the term “Fox Evangelicals.”

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  3. The real trick is to engage Evangelicals, conservatives or anyone else with a genuinely open mind. A genuinely open mind is, by definition, a mind that can be changed. My engagement with Evangelical Christians (among other dear souls) has changed my mind about some things, and sharpened my understanding about others. It’s worth doing not just as a means of repairing the body politic, but as necessary exercise for ones (possibly) immortal soul. A genuine spiritual journey cannot be undertaken without the understanding that one has not already arrived.

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