Ferguson: A Dramatist Corrects Journalists [and Ministers] | National Review

Two separate investigations, one conducted by the highly-motivated Obama Justice Department, found that Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Missouri, Police Department had been truthful in his testimony and that he had acted in accordance with his training and his duty as a police officer when in 2014 he shot Michael Brown, a young man who had attacked him and attempted to take his gun.

Ferguson Police Department

Yet public perceptions of Brown’s death have proven to be astonishingly immune to the evidence. To this day, the event is routinely described in print and in sermons preached from Unitarian Universalist pulpits as a “murder,” evidence of systemic racism in American policing.

Now, along comes a playwright, Phelim McAleer, who took the obvious and yet all too rare step of actually looking at the evidence and testimony before picking up a pen or opening his mouth to opine and condemn. — KB

Article from the National Review: Ferguson: A Dramatist Corrects Journalists; National Review

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