What This Site Is and Isn’t

We’re friendly, and we don’t bite, nor do we allow biting.

Julie in snowThis blog isn’t exclusive to any one religion or spiritual path. And it isn’t a place for dogfights. It’s a place for loving discussions about a worrisome trend in religions that think they’re open-minded but are increasingly growing narrower.

Truly Open Minds and Hearts was launched by two Unitarian Universalists who are well-aware that other churches are experiencing the same pressures toward ideological conformity that we have seen in our beloved tradition.

So we welcome all points of view—all races, all creeds, all genders, all political orientations. We really do believe in free and open discussion, and we accept —and ask our readers and contributors to accept—that disagreement is normal and healthy.

But we also want to be clear on what is not welcome here. We reserve the right to remove posts that contain obscenities, threats or ad hominem attacks (the rule is “play the ball, not the person”). We will remove posts that violate this basic code of conduct.

Please join us in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. And we mean it!

— Rev. Kate Braestrup and Mel Harkrader Pine

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